Dress Down Day OLHS Friday 9/10/09

Art Department Fashion

Art Department Fashion

Just a typical day in the art department except for the first time EVER we were allowed to dress down and wear jeans! So much more practical when you are working with paint and clay! Pictured here is myself and Mr Jakusz, Principal teacher of the department in his classroom and the photo was taken by one of his 3rd year pupils. It’s always busy but this was a particularly stressful day as one of my S1 classes was being observed by a member of the SMT as part of the audit the school undertakes each year to look at the experiences of our S1 pupils. We were in the LRC using the suite of iMacs to add colour to some drawings the pupils did using Adobe CS3 Photoshop. The pupils were really enthusiastic although they found the software quite challenging at first. Keep an eye out for the work they did which will be featured on my site shortly! Well thats me my first entry complete- hooray! any comments?


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