The Glasgow Boys Trip-WOW what a day and we were on the BBC!

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Today was a totally awesome day with Ms Evans, Mr Jakusz and myself escorting 42 pupils to the Kelvingrove Art Gallery to see the Glasgow Boys exhibition. The show was really beautiful and really crowded. One man came up to me with a posh accent and wanted to know about our pupils: “where were we from and why were they sketching?” He was nice and said they were very well behaved- I only found out later when I watched the news that it was Lord Macfarlane himself! Two of our pupils- Emma and Joanna made the BBC news- who were there to interview people about how they liked this the most popular exhibition ever at the Kelvingrove. Well done to everyone, we all had a fab time-even the new “Motherwell Boys and Girls” who hung out on the benches in the Impressionist room of the museum later and put up with my critique of the Bastien Lepage painting of Poor Fauvette. We always get the same bus driver too who says he loves driving us because the pupils are so polite and will reminisce about all the other art trips we have had over the last couple of years- we are sooooo cool 🙂


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