Medieval designs and puppet costumes

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S2 pupils have been painting Medieval designs onto their fabric patterns for their hand puppet costumes. So far they have come out  well with the pupils really getting into painting their designs using India ink to make them quite colourful. The next step is to cut them out and sew the two sides together for homework- yes guys YOU will have to sew the costumes yourself. Sewing is a good skill to have in life- a stitch in time saves nine and all that. But at the end of the day whoever sews your costume be it yourself or some other handy adult make sure to remember to sew it inside out or all the hard work of painting the designs will be for nothing!


2 thoughts on “Medieval designs and puppet costumes

  1. We are making puppet costumes at the moment and painting them with india ink. They are very colourful! I liked painting mine but i have finished and Ms.Steinert is going to sew it for us all. Hannah F

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