Citrus-Burst shampoo by Bea

The task that the teacher set us in the ESOL class was to design a product for a T.V advert. We were put in groups. The people in my group are Magda and Wictoria. As a group we had to think about a product we wanted to sell. It was Magda’s idea of the shampoo and we decided on the name `Citrus-Burst? We did internet research to see what other shampoos were available and to see what the styles of the bottle were. Wictoria brought in a empty bottle of shampoo. We removed the original stickers and stuck our own ones that we made in our group. We had pictures of fruit on the bottle because Citrus fruit smells nice, and from this we got the name of Citrus Burst. It was a compromised decision.

             We then had to think about what our advert was going to be like. The teacher gave us a piece of paper with 6boxes on it. This is called a “story broad”. We then had to think of actions which we wanted to do. We than drew pictures showing what we are acting out. Then we wrote our lines. I was the one with greasy hair.Victoriawas standing holding the shampoo bottle. Magda was the one who told me to buy it. Now that film is done I feel excited.


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