Citrus Burst Shampoo

                                                   The task that the teacher set us in the Esol class was to design a product for a TV advert. We were all put in to group. The people in my group are Magda and Bea. As a group we had to think about a product we wanted to sell. I was Magda’s idea to do the shampoo. We all picked a name for the shampoo and decided that the name would be Citrus Burst Shampoo, and looked at different colours and shapes of other shapes of other shampoo bottles. I brought in an empty bottle of shampoo; we removed the original stickers and stuck on our own ones that we made in our group. We had pictures of citrus fruit on the bottle, because citrus fruit smells nice, that’s how we got the Citrus Burst name. We had to compromise on the decision.

      We then had to think about what our advert was going to be like. The teacher gave us a piece of paper with six boxes on it, (this is called a story board) and we had to think of six actions. We then drew pictures showing what we did for each step. Bea was the one with greasy hair. I was he one holding the shampoo bottle. Magda was the one who told Bea to buy it.

      I feel really good and even proud of what we have done. I think that this advert was quite interesting and a bit funny.

By Wiktoria


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