Citrus burst

The task that the teacher set us in the esol class was to design a product for a tv advert. We were all put into groups. The people in my group were Bea and Wiktoria. As a group we had to think about a product we had to sell. I thought about doing a shampoo and the girls agreed with my decision. We started preparing by doing research on the internet looking at shampoos. When we decided how our shampoo is going to look we started making it. Wiktoria brought a shampoo bottle to school and Bea and I were making new label and logo design. The teacher gave us the storyboard and we thought about what we are going to say. In our advert Bea was playing the girl with greasy hair, I was telling her to buy our product and Wiktoria was holding a shampoo bottle. Then we were editing our video in iMovie… It was really fun, I really enjoyed doing that advert. 

By Magda 🙂


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