Fan-Cola by Krystian

In the ESOL class we were asked to come up with our product. My group made a drink which we called “Fan-Cola”. My group decided the name of the product. We searched the internet for some product and we found 3 which we liked. But we chose a soft drink and we worked this product to be the best. After we chose a soft drink we research two drinks ‘Fanta’ and ‘Coca-Cola’. The group joined together Fanta and Coca-Cola and I named “Fan-Cola”. I made the scenario of the out commercial.  I wrote the entire scenario for the commercial and I decided how it should be made a commercial. I feel good about it because I think that I’ve done it well.


2 thoughts on “Fan-Cola by Krystian

  1. Krystian you know that I’m the best and I’ve done everything in our commecial but still you did something. Well Done!!!

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