Thank You Ms Steinert! (whoops just found this from last term!)

Dear Ms Steinert

On Behalf of others from 2p5, we just want to say thank you for everything you have done with us! By far, you have to be ( or at least one of!) the coolest teachers in Our Lady’s High School! Your way of teaching is just fantastic! You get involved with us so much and you know what we like! You put the radio on, when we are working on something, you arrange fun activities for us, outings and lots more!

Probably our favourite lesson has been the one where you took us down to Dalzell Park to collect materials for our Sculptures.! It was a scorching hot day and you and Mrs McFadyen took us and we just had the best time ever! We discovered hidden parts of  Dalzell Estate! Some of us didn’t even know that the Japanese Garden existed! Anyway, we all loved it and wish we could do that every day!

None of us ( apart from the trouble makers !) had any bad times or boring moments with you, you always knew how to keep us working hard without us noticing! The best part was, you didn’t tolerate any Bad Behaviour which made our lessons very safe and fun!

So, to round off, you have been a great teacher to us, and wish we didn’t have to leave you! And. . .

Thank You Ms Steinert for everything you’ve done for us! 8)

P.S Comment on this post if you want to leave your own personal message for Ms Steinert! 8)

By Aaron H 2p5


One thought on “Thank You Ms Steinert! (whoops just found this from last term!)

  1. lol Aaron thanks! I loved teaching you guys- even the trouble makers! Sorry I did not post this sooner- I was so busy in June with school show stuff and IDL stuff. Long live 2P5 -they rule!

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