Cyberbullying Competition

My tutor class 3S2 have been working on a Flash animation about cyberbullying. I’ll let them tell the world about it in the comments section of this post- but before you read on can I just say how proud of them I am as they are a fab tutor class and they work very hard on whatever task is set them. Carry on guys….. and to see their animation just go to the homepage of the school’s website or click here.


11 thoughts on “Cyberbullying Competition

  1. i liked doing the design and animation,it was fun and interesting to do.My class mates seemed to enjoy it also.I hope the animation spreads across lots of schools in scotland,The pictures in the animation morphs into another picture.

  2. we wanted to make an animation to illistrate how cyber bullying can affect peoples lives.We all had to design different slides in pictures showing how a few nasty comments or text messages could make someone feel. When we had finished Ms Steinert collected them in and make a decision which one she would like to use,she then used adobe flash player to make the animation and then sent it away to the respect me website to be entered into the competition.

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to compete along with my class in the Respect Me, Cyberbullying Competition. I am proud to have drawn one of the used pictures. At the start we were all given a storyboard and were each asked to design an animation. After this process it was narrowed down to one animation storyboard, each group was given a slide of he animation to draw, with my group receiving the last one. We all voted on the slides for each group and mine was selected. After that Miss Steinert took over using adobe flash and I think she did a wonderful job.

  4. I enjoyed making the cyberbullying Animation with my class mates it was a very interesting experience and it sent out a good message.i hope it will stop cyberbullying because it is a wrong hing to do and people shouldn’t even think about doing it at all

  5. During Tutor Time in the past few weeks my Tutor Class has been working on cyberbulling.We were given the task to illistrate a storyboard of the consequences of cyberbulling.We choose the least graphic yet most powerful message.Then in groups we re-drew the choosen storyboard and choose the best designs within the group.During the cyberbulling competiton I learned that there are dangerous effects and consequences to cyberbullying even if our entry doesnt win I am sure my whole tutor class will be made more aware of cyberbulling.

  6. During our two tutor times on a thursday and friday.We have been studying cyberbullying topic.We had to get this message across to people just to tell how bad cyber bullying really is.We designed these scenes on what you call a story boared.We were doing this for a cometition for our school.In class we worked very hard in the process of making this slide show.

  7. We all drew six ideas on cyber bullying and how it can effect someone. We tried to show how a few nasty texts can hurt someone. The best idea was chosen. Everyone was then given a drawing to work on and again the finally six were chosen. We had drawings to show how cyber bullying can be threw texts and how it effects someone. The drawing were then made into an animation using DobeFlash. Once the whole animations were finished it was put on the school website and entered in the Respect Me competition.

  8. In class we disigned a anti-bullying. My group designed the first drawing it was a girl showing her friends her new phone its about a girl who keeps getting texts and messages on facebook till she can’t take it anymore.It is a competition and I really hope we win because I think our video clip is very well desgined and it took alot of time and effort and sends a really good message.Everyone drew a picture and the class voted on the nest ones and we made a storyboard each.

  9. My name is Euan and I am a pupil in ms steinert tutor class. During tutor time 2 weeks ago we were given the task of designing an animation about cyber-bullying. The first part of the project was to draw 6 small drawings on a storyboard. After all of had completed our storyboards we chose the best design and redrafted them on a full size on an A4 piece. The drawings from all 6 senses were chosen and our lovely teacher Ms Steinert took time out of her busy weekend to animate our drawings with Adobe Flash.We hope this conveys a strong message about cyber-bullying

  10. In our tutor group we made an animation to highlight the issues of cyberbullying. We all designed a storyboard about cyberbullying and then the class voted on which one they like the best. Sarah Campbell’s designed was choosen and then we were all gave one of her six drawings to draw. Then the best drawing of each six parts were picked. Then Mrs. Stienart our tutor teacher used adobe flash to make it into a norph style animation

  11. 3rd year tutor group were asked to write a story about cyberbullying. We then started drawing and writing our stories. Day by day we continued drawing until finished. We were given a storyboard to write our stories on. A few days past and we voted on the six best scenes and stories. by Kirpal

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