Painted Glass windows update…

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Its been such a busy week at school yet again. Creating webpages for the school website for the learning support department- teaching English and ESOL classes. Talking to S5/6 parents at the parents night yesterday and teaching all my art classes to boot but really all I’ve wanted to do all week is get going with the painted windows project. I spent ages at the weekend photoshopping and enlarging the original design to make them fit into the two long rectangles of the window frames. I am really happy with the design so far but I just haven’t had time to do anything at school to take it further. However today we went to the chapel with the photography club at lunchtime to get some shots of the amazing statue of Mary- notoriously difficult to photograph (I’ve yet to see a good photo  of her!) and I nearly had a heart attack when both Mrs Macfadyen and I thought- the designs on paper look way too big! However after marching all the way back up to the department and back down again and putting them right up to the frames THANKFULLY they fit perfectly-phew! They look awesome so I’m really happy- keep watching out for more updates hopefully soon.


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