Peppers can be severed warm and cool.

During the last few weeks in art,my class and I have been drawing;painting and outlining still life drawings of peppers.We firstly drew two large peppers on a single sheet of paper using ink pens. Then we got a new sheet of paper and drew similar peppers overlapping each other. Once we had filled the paper with peppers it looked really nice because there were lots of different shapes and sizes created by the overlapping.We then painted one side of the painting with warm colours and the other side with cool colours. The warm colours we used were red,orange,yellow and browns. The cool colours were purple,green and blues.The cools were very vibrant and looked amazing because they contrasted against each other.We outlined the peppers with the opposing colour that they were painted.This really made the shapes stand out. During the period of working on my painting I have a better understanding of how to contrast warm and cool colours and use outlining to highlight different points in my painting. I found the lesson very interesting and creative, I am very happy with the results I achieved in the end.

Rachael B


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