Work Experience by Jakub

Work experience

Last week I worked in a company called UPVC Door Company. The company make normal doors, glass doors, windows and frames for them. I was working in one of the four offices which was Customer Care Service. The rest of the offices where the boss of the Company was, one with a little bit of lower status than the boss and one where they make and bring financial agreements for scanning and photocopying.

On the first day when I came in I was waiting for my supervisor for around 30 minutes because I had arrived at 8:30 and work starts at 9:00. When he came in my first impression was that the guy was ‘laid-back’ if you know what I mean. Then he showed us all the offices. Me and my pal was split between offices and fortunally I landed in a better one with awesome crew.

The first day was busy as I was working from 9:00 till 16:00. Then at the end of the day I told my partners that I would see them tomorrow and left. On the second day I went straight to my office to start my work. I was given financial agreement to fill in and to sort them out. I had finished my job by 12:30 so I was sitting doing nothing for like 3 hours approximately. This time I left at twenty to four.

On the third and fourth days I was doing the same but I was more open to talk with people. I even told the guy I was working with that he was a Legend. I told him how to say it in Polish. We talked about Lech Walesa(Solidarity) and how he changed Poland and how he freed it from Communism. On the last day I did lots of different stuff from working with papers to carrying something for the boys in the factory. My partner was leaving at 12:00 so I told him that it was a pleasure to have met him and we shook each other’s hand.

Around half past twelve our supervisor told us that our job was done. He took us to the boss of the company. He gave us twenty pounds and asked us what we had learnt. We stood and didn’t say anything. Everybody started to laugh after 10 seconds. After that I thanked everybody and left.


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