Chapel Windows!

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This is a quick post before the Parents evening to say the chapel windows were fitted today! They look amazing with the sun streaming thru them. This project took two years to complete and included most S1 pupils submitting a drawing of the Annunciation for consideration for the winning design. Demi Frame and Nicole Meechan were the pupils who won and their designs were enlarged and put onto silk to create batik designs to hang in the chapel and a duplicate set of designs is set to go to a link in South America. Mrs Stemplis from the Home Economics department finished the batiks and added gold trimmings to make them complete. These will be on display soon on Patron’s day the 23rd of March and the windows will be officially blessed then as well. Nicole Meechan’s design is the one that was enlarged and painted onto the glass by class 2P3 this year. Thankfully it has all gone well and the windows are now complete and make the chapel look so much better!


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