S3 and S4 Exotic Fruit Still-Life Sketches for Health Promoting Week

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These are some examples of the Art Departments contribution to Health Promoting week in the school. Pupils sketched still-lifes which contained some exotic fruit in oilpastels. Pupils were given the opportunity to try some of the fruit if they wished- most of the pupils really enjoyed this. The drawings came out very nice! Watch this space for some of the lower school paintings soon to follow! Remember to eat your 5 fruit and veg. a day…


38 thoughts on “S3 and S4 Exotic Fruit Still-Life Sketches for Health Promoting Week

  1. these are all great it was hard to pick what one was best but i a going with the one with the whole pattern in the background i think it really stands out!!!

  2. The drawing with the white background and purple bowl is really nice , it is the one that stood out the most for me. But they could blend their colours a little more !!!!!!!!!!

  3. The drawing i really like would have to be the one with the dark cloth and background and patterned bowl. The fruit really stands out, colours are blended really well ,the only bad thing is maybe a bit less dark in the background:)!

  4. I like the one that is quite dark and has the blue bowl because I think it makes the fruit stand out more and the shading is good

  5. I think some of the drawings are very realistic, and on one the paisley patter is really good ! the only thing i think they could do to improve is just blend the colours a little bit more, but i think they are great ! πŸ˜€

  6. I like the picture with the white background and the black patern because i think they have used the colours well i think they could make it better if they drew the bowl a little better .

  7. These are very good as they are sized near enough perfectly but the shading could be a little bit better as the colours should gradually fade.

  8. all of them are really good but the one with the purple bowl is really good as the fruit really stands out from the background and they’ve got the shading just right so it looks lifelike but the background could be a bit brighter πŸ™‚

  9. Well done everyone they’re all very good but I like the one with the black background and blue shaded bowl the best. It is very nice and the fruit have all been neatly drawn.just a bit more colour but overall very good πŸ™‚

  10. My favourite is the eleventh picture in the slideshow. The shading, the colour and the reflection of the pattern on the bowl are excellent. I also like the detail in the physalis as they are very hard to draw.

  11. I think all of them were good , but the one with the black background and brown bowl stood out the most because the shading is really good and it makes the drawing 3D .

  12. I really like the drawing that has the full background it has very good detail but next time try make the shapes stand out more by going over them darker

  13. They are all really good they all have really good colours and backgrounds but i think some of them would look better with a bit more detail πŸ™‚

  14. They are all really good and have made realistic drawings but I think some of them could have blended a little better πŸ™‚

  15. They are all excellent drawings and they are all also very realistic!:) The only thing I would say could be improved is the colour blending and the shading, but other than that they are all really good! Also, some of them could have had a little bit more detail:)

  16. I really like the drawings they have really good details and some have a really good blend of colours , though some could have been blended a bit better. They also look very real , i like them all:)

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