Package Design by Mateusz B 1P1

At the start of the package design we needed to choose a shape a square, triangle or a rectangle I chose a rectangle. The packages were based on Art Nouveau style. we got a sheets of paper with art noiuveau work so I chose 2 sheets that I am going to put on my package after I gone this my teacher scaned it in to her computer and then she printed 2 of them off on the 1st sheet we needed to colour it in with cool colours that is blue, purple, green and gray on the 2nd sheet of paper we needed to colour in with warm colours that is orange, yellow, brown and red. A couple of days later we went on to computers to colour it in on the computers on program called “Adobe Photoshop” but this time we could put all the colores in warm, cool we were also aloud to use a gradient tool that gave a very good looking effect. We needed to go on a website called cooltext we needed to create a logo mine was “lets go” after we did this we needed to place it on the package and that was us finished.


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