2015 S1 Christmas Card Finalists

A selection of S1 card designs by my three S1 classes 1P1, 1p3 and 1P4 this year. The designs were based on looking at the artist He Qi and working in mixed media. The pupils worked really hard and some of the designs will also be entered into the North Lanarkshire Christmas card competition as well. Good luck to all the entries and Mrs Sinclair will deside soon who the winner will be, but in my opinion they are all fantastic- well done to all the pupils who worked so hard on this annual competition.


Cyberbullying by Daniel 1C2

When we started working on cyberbullying as a class we watched cyberbullying videos then we did a mini drawing of the poster. We all did our own drawing then we voted on the best and used it in our poster sadly I did not win but the mini poster that won had a an amazing idea and our poster came out brilliant. In the end our poster was a girl who thought everyone in her school was best friends with her but when she goes on facebook twitter or even texts them they hate her and say really mean things to her so its a story about her life falling apart over facebook.

Cyberbullying by Liam

group 2
Our poster was about cyberbullying and how to prevent it we had to get ideas for our poster so we watched a cyber bullying video about someone who was getting bullied and what it can lead to. Then everyone in our group drew a sketch of ideas they had and we picked the best ideas to draw on our poster. One idea was someone with hurtful words on her face and having bad thoughts, another idea was a big sign that said stop bullying.

Cyberbullying poster by Emily

group 3
Paul,Jay and I worked as a group and used lots of different styles. We chose who’s thumbnail drawing was the best and Paul Jay and I choose Jay’s as Jay is usually good at drawing. It took Paul some time to decide on a hair colour so in the end we had pink, blue, green, brown, yellow and orange. The drawing was not that bad we had fun doing it we made a mind map first and we drew branches on it, we then drew a practce poster and then we drew the thumbnail sketch of it. After that we choose our materials and we choose watercolour paints. We had to be careful though so that we didnt spill any water on our poster I enjoyed doing the poster to get Paul me & Jay’s point across I dont think it was very sucessful but we still enjoyed making the poster and the rest of the progress leading up to it.

Cyberbullying by Shaun

group 2
My blog post is about cyberbullying and how to prevent it. One of the things we did at the start was watch videos about people who have been bullied on the internet and it showed us how to be aware that someone is being bullied. We worked alot on our cyberbullying poster and we had alot of ideas for the design.

Cyber Bullying By Nicole 1C2

group 3
Paul, Jay, Emily and I worked as a group to learn about cyber bullying. I was absent for most of the work that we did so I missed alot. First we drew a mind map for the poster and wrote down all of our ideas and decided on what we where going to draw. We chose who was drawing what- Jay was the best at art out of all of us so we choose his poster. Paul made up the logo which was Cyberbullying Is Bad Tell Mum And Dad. I like that it rhymed.