Glasgow’s Museums Art Competition for Young People

Two of our S3 pupils have had success in receiving certificates for participating in this years competition. Philomena Flynn received a highly commended award and Michael McKenna a commended award! Congratulations to both pupils for their success!



Pi Day March 14th 2013 Tattoo designs by S3 Pupils

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For Pi day on the 14th of March we celebrated by creating Pi tattoos! Here are the ideas by S3 pupils. The plan is to transfer the designs onto inkjet transfer tattoo paper and for the pupils to wear their designs. Watch this space for further photos of the completed designs.

New Signs for The Zone

My S3 class have used Illustrator quite a lot this year which has come in handy when we were asked to create a logo for the new social area in the school called The Zone. Pupils were given the design brief to use the existing colours featured in the furniture and lighting and come up with a logo design that would feature as 2 large scale signs 4 feet by 7 feet long to capture the energy and buzz of this great addition to the school. Each pupil produced a logo design after sketching out ideas and trying out elements such as adding a character or symbol to their lettering of the logo. The winning design featured here is by Katherina and was chosen by the Head teacher and myself as being the best design. Pupils from the photography club helped to take some shots of pupils relaxing in the area at lunchtimes and I put together the final design with the addition of the shield designs frozone logo signagem both Our Lady’s and Bothwell Park High School as we are a joint campus and both use the Zone. Hopefully the real signs will arrive next week at the school- I can’t wait to see them hung up! Watch this space for some photos soon!

S3 and S4 Exotic Fruit Still-Life Sketches for Health Promoting Week

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These are some examples of the Art Departments contribution to Health Promoting week in the school. Pupils sketched still-lifes which contained some exotic fruit in oilpastels. Pupils were given the opportunity to try some of the fruit if they wished- most of the pupils really enjoyed this. The drawings came out very nice! Watch this space for some of the lower school paintings soon to follow! Remember to eat your 5 fruit and veg. a day…

S2 and S3 Adobe Illustrator Artwork

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S2  and S3 pupils have been working with Adobe Illustrator to create a vector drawing of their name for future use in their e-portfolios, Dreamweaver webpage and other applications- perhaps as part of a business card when they have left school ?- a long way away for these guys perhaps!  The pupils originally created their names in pencil and India ink which was then scanned and then traced using Illustrator. Pupils were introduced to using the pen tool and opacity layers. Further lessons included creating compound paths, simplifying paths, and using the Bevel and Emboss 3D effect filter. Pupils who completed the basic task got the chance to play around with using some of the symbols and paint brush tools.

S3 Jewelry Design; Felt and Ceramic Brooches

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S3 pupils are currently working on creating their final outcome for their design unit. The brooches have come out really well so far and it was a sea of colour in the classroom this morning with all the materials out and being used for the first time. The class have felted wool, created Angelina fiber patterns and a ceramic piece to put together and create an original design. They have also collected objects to throw into the mix-buttons, beads, shoelaces, shells- any old interesting material to add to their design. For the development of their ideas they have been doing some designs in Adobe Illustrator as well which is a first time for many and they have found it challenging trying to work with the pen tool and the concept of strokes and fills but so far this work is coming along nicely as well- a very eclectic lesson full of colour and playful experimenting.

Peppers can be severed warm and cool.

During the last few weeks in art,my class and I have been drawing;painting and outlining still life drawings of peppers.We firstly drew two large peppers on a single sheet of paper using ink pens. Then we got a new sheet of paper and drew similar peppers overlapping each other. Once we had filled the paper with peppers it looked really nice because there were lots of different shapes and sizes created by the overlapping.We then painted one side of the painting with warm colours and the other side with cool colours. The warm colours we used were red,orange,yellow and browns. The cool colours were purple,green and blues.The cools were very vibrant and looked amazing because they contrasted against each other.We outlined the peppers with the opposing colour that they were painted.This really made the shapes stand out. During the period of working on my painting I have a better understanding of how to contrast warm and cool colours and use outlining to highlight different points in my painting. I found the lesson very interesting and creative, I am very happy with the results I achieved in the end.

Rachael B