New Signs for The Zone

My S3 class have used Illustrator quite a lot this year which has come in handy when we were asked to create a logo for the new social area in the school called The Zone. Pupils were given the design brief to use the existing colours featured in the furniture and lighting and come up with a logo design that would feature as 2 large scale signs 4 feet by 7 feet long to capture the energy and buzz of this great addition to the school. Each pupil produced a logo design after sketching out ideas and trying out elements such as adding a character or symbol to their lettering of the logo. The winning design featured here is by Katherina and was chosen by the Head teacher and myself as being the best design. Pupils from the photography club helped to take some shots of pupils relaxing in the area at lunchtimes and I put together the final design with the addition of the shield designs frozone logo signagem both Our Lady’s and Bothwell Park High School as we are a joint campus and both use the Zone. Hopefully the real signs will arrive next week at the school- I can’t wait to see them hung up! Watch this space for some photos soon!


Sculptor Andy Scott’s Studio today at Doors Open Day in Glasgow

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Thanks to Mrs Macfadyen for pointing out that Andy Scott was taking part in Doors Open Day this weekend. I got a chance to see his studio and hear him talk about his work and see some of his pieces as work in progress. He is very passionate about creating works of art for the public and I loved hearing about how some of the sculptures have become such a part of local communities in Scotland. For instance in Faifley where locals tie pink ribbons around a sculpture of a Mother and daughter on Mothers day to commemorate victims of breast cancer. It is always a delight to find a sculpture of his around different areas of Glasgow/Scotland!

Thank You Ms Steinert! (whoops just found this from last term!)

Dear Ms Steinert

On Behalf of others from 2p5, we just want to say thank you for everything you have done with us! By far, you have to be ( or at least one of!) the coolest teachers in Our Lady’s High School! Your way of teaching is just fantastic! You get involved with us so much and you know what we like! You put the radio on, when we are working on something, you arrange fun activities for us, outings and lots more!

Probably our favourite lesson has been the one where you took us down to Dalzell Park to collect materials for our Sculptures.! It was a scorching hot day and you and Mrs McFadyen took us and we just had the best time ever! We discovered hidden parts of  Dalzell Estate! Some of us didn’t even know that the Japanese Garden existed! Anyway, we all loved it and wish we could do that every day!

None of us ( apart from the trouble makers !) had any bad times or boring moments with you, you always knew how to keep us working hard without us noticing! The best part was, you didn’t tolerate any Bad Behaviour which made our lessons very safe and fun!

So, to round off, you have been a great teacher to us, and wish we didn’t have to leave you! And. . .

Thank You Ms Steinert for everything you’ve done for us! 8)

P.S Comment on this post if you want to leave your own personal message for Ms Steinert! 8)

By Aaron H 2p5


Imagine having an Andy Scott sculpture over your house………

Some people like to show off about where they live or what type of house or flat they have…..but imagine someone coming up to you and saying ” I’ve got a winged Pegasus over ma Hoose” and then telling you it’s by Andy Scott. Well some lucky person can say just that- check out this photo of a block of flats in Drumchapel with the Pegasus over the veranda in the top floor flat- how cool is that?!? Imagine eating your breakfast on a sunny day under it- wait no this is Scotland- ok imagine sitting on your porch with a coat on and drinking a hot chocolate under an umbrella in the rain and looking up at the twisted metal framework of this giant horse. This sculpture is hidden away in a housing estate and a gem of a find. Oh I want one of those over my bungalow……..

Best photos courtesy of J L Macfadyen, the Copyrighter!

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Homework ? and all the snow……

Dear Ms Steinart. I heard about the homework but I dont know how to give it to you so here is my photo from a window. I took it when I saw the sun setting and some of the snow was evaporating. I thought this picture was very beautiful so I had to give you this one.

I don’t know who sent this post in but thanks the photo sounds amazing! Whoever it is come and see me when school starts again after this snow is gone and I will show you how to send me the photo. In the meantime here are some photos of the school from this morning. I was stuck in Motherwell overnight on Monday and stayed with a couple of teachers at Ms Millar’s and managed to get home today. Keep safe and warm in this cold and snowy weather and for those of you who haven’t taken a photo yet -get shooting the scenery is amazing already!


Finding the time for interdisciplinary work….

The mural of a Parisian skyline in the Modern Languages department has been in the plans and on the go for more than a year now. There is never enough time to complete these tasks it seems. Various classes have been helping out with the painting of the background and the creation of the relief sculpture buildings that will go on the bottom of the mural. Hopefully it will be done and dusted by the end of this week or next- I’m keeping my fingers crossed!


Oh Brother you’re my Sister……

Didn’t Professor Dumbledore say something like ” It’s a secret so naturally the whole school knows” So here are some photos of Mr McKendrick and me, his twin sister of course. Unfortunately Ms Zambonini was away today on an inservice course otherwise she would have posed with us as well because she is naturally our older sister. For those who don’t believe see Mr K with our Mum for the ultimate proof. Please feel free to add any other relevant information you might want to share with a comment. From the Steinert, Zambonini and McKendrick family 🙂