Higher Art and Design

Pupils should be researching either 2 graphic designers or 2 fashion designers as part of their work for the internally assessed coursework. Visit the links below and research a designer of your choice that could influence your practical work.

HW Task 1:
Write about what has influenced the designer in their creative process.
What time period they are working in and what social or historical issues could have an influence on their work.
Analyse 2 pieces of design in terms of design elements such as: form & function, materials, ergonomics, target audience and the success of the design in your opinion.
Has the designer used technology in their work? (of course!) explain how.
Finally what is your opinion of the designer and their designs? Why are they worthy of study? How could their work influence your work at the beginning stage?

Links to designers:
5 Graphic designers everyone should know
Saul Bass
Paul Rand
Milton Glaser
Stefan Stagmeister
Alexander McQueen
Gabrielle Coco Chanel
Charles James
Vivienne Westwood
Zandra Rhodes


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