S1 Homework


images are for homework a 30 minute biro pen sketch in your sketchbook


65 thoughts on “S1 Homework

  1. The facial tatoos were very hard to draw but at last I did draw one of them it was the second top right …. The colours are great too .. Love the way they are … And never change them Patryk 1P5

  2. I think the Austrailain cigarette papers are more use useful as people will be put off by it and stop buying it and if they stop buying it they will end up stopping smoking. That is why I think the Austrailian cigerrette papers are better.

  3. The Australian ones are quite disgusting but it is a realy good idea because it will decrease the amount of smokers
    The old painting is very well drawn but they shouldnt advertise smoking in a good way but they didnt know the consequences back then .

  4. I think that the unattractive package designs are more successful because if you were a smoker you would be put off and you wouldn’t buy the cigarettes

  5. I think that the Australian cigarette packets look quite gross but they are a great way to put people off smoking. I think we should have those kind of packets here in Scotland.

  6. i think that the Australian cigarette packets are a very good idea. They should bring them into Britain it would put people off smoking .

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