S2 and S3 Adobe Illustrator Artwork

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S2  and S3 pupils have been working with Adobe Illustrator to create a vector drawing of their name for future use in their e-portfolios, Dreamweaver webpage and other applications- perhaps as part of a business card when they have left school ?- a long way away for these guys perhaps!  The pupils originally created their names in pencil and India ink which was then scanned and then traced using Illustrator. Pupils were introduced to using the pen tool and opacity layers. Further lessons included creating compound paths, simplifying paths, and using the Bevel and Emboss 3D effect filter. Pupils who completed the basic task got the chance to play around with using some of the symbols and paint brush tools.


S3 Jewelry Design; Felt and Ceramic Brooches

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S3 pupils are currently working on creating their final outcome for their design unit. The brooches have come out really well so far and it was a sea of colour in the classroom this morning with all the materials out and being used for the first time. The class have felted wool, created Angelina fiber patterns and a ceramic piece to put together and create an original design. They have also collected objects to throw into the mix-buttons, beads, shoelaces, shells- any old interesting material to add to their design. For the development of their ideas they have been doing some designs in Adobe Illustrator as well which is a first time for many and they have found it challenging trying to work with the pen tool and the concept of strokes and fills but so far this work is coming along nicely as well- a very eclectic lesson full of colour and playful experimenting.

Higher and Intermediate 2 Package Designs

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I seem to have missed out on writing about my Higher Class this year- usually we are trying to sort out ICT issues and work with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop so things are very busy and I have them last period as well so somehow the blog was the last thing on my mind. However they did come up with some great package designs featured in the photos above and they had a steep learning curve but in the end most of them are now seasoned Illustrator users and can create a vector image no problem. I am very proud of them and even though it has been a very busy year and a large class they have all managed to get their work in on time for the exam board. Just study for the Art/Design history exam guys- you will get a good grade if you do…

S3 No Smoking Banners

Finally the no smoking banners are hanging outside the school! These two banners are quite large (2 x 1 metre) and feature the antismoking artwork of S3 classes created during tutor time as part of the PSHE course. They were funded by the NHS and are really very striking if I do say so myself. I had fun working in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop pulling it all together and getting it right for the printers! Only thing I feel bad about is it hangs in front of the unofficial staff smoking area outside lol!