1P5 Painted Ceramic Tiles


The above tiles were created by class 1P5. All of my S1 and most of the S2 classes have created and painted their tiles based on Polynesian Art. Soon the timetable is changing and classes will move on to their new teacher and levels. I wish them all the best & if you haven’t collected your tile from me yet please drop by my classroom.


S3 Jewelry Design; Felt and Ceramic Brooches

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S3 pupils are currently working on creating their final outcome for their design unit. The brooches have come out really well so far and it was a sea of colour in the classroom this morning with all the materials out and being used for the first time. The class have felted wool, created Angelina fiber patterns and a ceramic piece to put together and create an original design. They have also collected objects to throw into the mix-buttons, beads, shoelaces, shells- any old interesting material to add to their design. For the development of their ideas they have been doing some designs in Adobe Illustrator as well which is a first time for many and they have found it challenging trying to work with the pen tool and the concept of strokes and fills but so far this work is coming along nicely as well- a very eclectic lesson full of colour and playful experimenting.