Painted Glass Windows for the School Chapel

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This project has been on the go since last year. It started with Father King wanting to decorate the Chapel doors to make them more welcoming. Currently they have safety glass and are in two panels with a wire mesh running through them- not very nice to say the least. He wanted to have the story of the Annunciation on the windows and I have been working with S1 pupils to get this accomplished. Real stained glass was out of the question so we have opted for painted windows instead with some good quality glass paint. The winning design is by Nicole Meechan who is now in S2. I have created 4 batik tapestries based on two of the best designs and with the help of pupils they are now complete and currently with Mrs Stemplis of the Home Economics department who is finishing the haberdashery work . We hope to keep two and send the other two to our link school in Uganda. Any way I finally got the new safety glass from a joiner friend and so the process of adapting Nicola’s original design to the two window panels begins. I’m trying to keep the design as close to the original as possible using Photoshop to tweak the composition and enlarge the design so we can trace it onto the glass panels which are 305 x 705 each. Keep checking for updates to see how the project is coming along.