Who’s the Victim?

My poster is about domestic abuse it shows how domestic abuse can happen to both men and women. A lot of people only think it happens to the woman but I wanted to show it could happen to any of them.  The image I have used is an image of an eye and an eyebrow with bruising, to show the victim has been beaten up. I used make-up on my friend’s eye to take the image and give the illusion of real abuse. The slogan on the poster is “Who’s The Victim?” at the top of the page and then “Is It The Man Or The Woman?” at the bottom. I got this idea because in many domestic abuse situations it is the man who is abused. I have also used different fonts to add to the feeling and different colours. I used red for “Victim” as I felt it would give an idea of blood. I also used pink for “man” because it is a reversed role as it is usually women that are related with pink. I used blue for the “woman” also to give this idea.  by Laura S3