Post No Bull Exhibition @ School of Visual Arts NYC

“Post No Bull” is a play on the words “Post No Bills” that you often see stenciled on the walls of buildings in city streets so no advertising posters will get pasted onto the surface. The exhibition took the form of a wall that has been pasted with posters but with positive messages that are meant to inform and inspire! See if you can find your artwork


Social Change Display/Graffiti your comment

I have put up some of the Social Change artwork outside my classroom and given the pupils the chance to write a comment next to the work. I was inspired to do this by the exhibition in New York because some of the artwork will be displayed as if it were posters you would see pasted up on walls in an urban area. I think it has worked out well and given the pupils a chance to make a comment and it adds to the look of  the display.

Social Change Wall

Here is a selection of the best of the work from S2 and S3 pupils produced for the unit on social change. What do you think? Please post a comment- the pupils would love to know what others think of all their hard work. I think it is amazing and I will now try to find a way to get it printed A1 size and put on display in the school!  Thank you for all your hard work, you guys are the best and a pleasure to teach.

S2 social change posters

Here are some of the posters S2 pupils have been working on! Most have been tweaked in Photoshop and the pupils have been working away with enthusiasm right up to their Christmas break, well done my snowy S2s.

Just Let It Go – My poster

My poster is about terrorism. I drew a dove trapped in barbed wire with two guns at the bottom, one is a terrorist gun and one is an army gun. I printed three pictures off the internet -A picture of a dove so I can get the detail of the wings and the shape of the head, the other one is a picture of the guns so I can get an idea of what they look like, and the last picture I got was the barbed wire so I can get an idea of pattern it has on the wire. When I finished the drawing I scanned it onto Photoshop and added the final touches. I also added the wording “Just Let It Go” this means war isn’t anything to fight over. I think people should take this message in and use it for good. by Ryan

Drink Driving – My poster

Drink Driving – My poster

My poster is about the dangers of drink driving. I drew a picture of a car, which had been completely wrecked in a car crash and wrote the words ‘think before you drink’. This is to show you what can happen if you drink and drive.  I found an image of a car wreck that I would like to draw printed it off then copied it onto my poster, and then I scanned it and put it onto Photoshop to add the finishing touches, which were adding the text. I chose this topic because I think it is very important to highlight the dangers because it causes many accidents and deaths. by  Eryn .