Fan Cola- by Jakub


In the ESOL class we were meant to make a product in groups. We had three main ideas: shoes, drink or deodorant. The group decided to design a drink. We looked for something original we compared Fanta and Cola and after all we thought of mix of them. We came up with name ‘Fan-Cola’ because of the drinks we compared. We worked on our product to make overall presentation look better. We made the scenario of our commercial and then we tried it out. I though it was well written scenario and I feel good about that it is done and I don’t have to do it anymore.



Scram Bar! by Piotr and David for the S3 ESOL Class

In the ESOL class we were asked to make a product which we had to advertise. Me and my partner decided to make a new chocolate bar. Both of us reached a compromise about the name should we choose. Afterwards, we looked up for different designs of chocolate bar on the internet. We decided that we will do the product design in a Reggae style. We needed to start it from the beginning. Then we talked about what should be inside it and we decided that we will do a mix of LION bar with BOUNTY bar. Finally we finish our product and we started to do our storyboard. I had lots of ideas to do the full commercial. After I showed them to David (my partner), he said that it is good, but we need to make some changes. The next day we finished our storyboard and then we started practicing it. We were actually good at it. After a while we video recorded it in the theatre. It wasn’t comfortable because we had not a lot of space to do the full commercial. The camera was recording upwards towards us.

In the advert I was the presenter and David was a boy which I knew. I was presenting my product called “Scram bar” and David was actually trying the bar.

I think we’ve done the best job from the class. It was very funny after we watched ourselves on the computer and also it was a fun way to experience how to advertise a product/thing.

By Piotr

First of all we were asked, to make a product, design it and then advertise it. We did do some research on the internet, about front cover and flavour of our chocolate bar. Scram bar is a mix of a ‘Lion Bar’ and ‘Bounty Bar’. We came out with the name very spontaneously. We did the videoing very quick and with out any problems, because we did practise it for a wee while. So we recorded it three or four times, just to make sure that everything is as it should be. We also recorded some zooms of Scram Bar which then we can add. I also want to add some music to the background, I’ll use some of Bob Marley’s songs, because our front cover is in reggae colours, so it will fit together very well. Now, as I said we just need to add an extra audio and some effects to our video, and that’s us! Our TV Advert is done.

by David